Wednesday, August 08, 2018 - 9:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 30.6miles @ 12.6 mph

Mike Loomis (L), Lori Brulo Susan Tussey Bill & Patty Baughman Gary Brinton Marilyn Chastek Ethel Nelson John Landis Emile Tierney Ed Cashin Steve Seidl Howard Davison Tom Schalter Jill Bradley Chris Ditlow Terry Turney, Bill Pickering (S).

Look out! Move over! Silver Spokes train coming through! Eighteen riders showed up at Fort Hunter this morning. We pulled out on time and took our right onto Fishing Creek. There wasn't much traffic and the roads were dry thanks to a breaking through sun. On the way to our first water/regroup break at the triangle everyone was pretty much in one group calling out for cars and enjoying each others company. I never lead such a large group and so was glad to see Bill giving me the thumbs up. From there we headed out to our right turn at Manada Bottom. We regrouped there and then did some curves and rollers until we crossed over Linglestown Rd. and into Koons Park. At Koons Park now for bathroom, etc. I got a head count for lunch and called our domestique, Dick Norford, and asked him to make arrangements at the Boro. Dick is looking good but still isn't allowed to come out and play. So matters having been taken care of we proceeded to wind our way left/right and up/down to the Greenbelt at Wildwood. A right turn on the newly paved Industrial Road to Front Street and back to our cars. Dick had our tables ready and so we ordered and talked while we waited. All food appeared to be gulped down. I might have seen one take home box. Ethel said she enjoyed her loaner electric bike which I didn't know about till the end. Thanks for coming out- what a nice bunch of people! Thanks to Bill for his as usual excellent job sweeping and Lori for getting signatures before we left.