Thursday, August 09, 2018 - 6:01 pm
Hershey B Ride. 35miles @ 17.2 mph

David Erb (L), Jeff Hoch, Claire de Boer, Jeff Spangler, Jarred Kulp

Beautiful night for a ride We headed North through Sand Beach. We traveled High Street toward Hershey to get to Bindnagle. Syner to Glenn and Valley Glenn. We had a beautiful climb to Black's Bridge, Schoolhouse, and Crooked. We had to modify the route on the fly a little due to a bridge that was closed along Sherks Church. We headed out Lindley Murray to Gravel Hill in search of Meadow lane. The leader zigged where he should have zagged which added about a mile to the route. We found Meadow and took that to Sandbeach Road for its sweeping rollers. 17.2 AVG. with about 1650 feet of climbing. The group remained close together for the whole ride. Arrives at 8:05 ahead of the 8:12 sunset.