Sunday, August 12, 2018 - 9:00 am
Carlisle Action C+ Ride. 43.6miles @ 14.8 mph

Edward McMullin (L), Kenny Wise, Gary Brinton, Jeff Shank, Michel Lefevre, Terry Neiles, Trevor Eckrich, Jim Mader, Mark Dolheimer, Bob Schmidlein, Glenn Snoke, Patty Wise, Steve Edwards, Michael Todd Sariano, Ed Maff, Jamie Spangler, Frank Cousart, Terry Neiles (S).

Even with dark clouds hanging overhead, seventeen dedicated riders showed up for the Sunday morning ride from Kmart! This strong group of riders maintained a steady pace throughout as we rode along the southern side of the Cumberland Valley to Walnut Bottom. From there we rode to Stoughstown, along the Big Spring Creek to Newville and out Creek Road. After a Pit Stop at Diller Church we meandered back to Kmart. The route had several long stretches with some gradual climbs and descents that allowed us to maintain a steady/enjoyable pace returning all seventeen riders safely back to Kmart.