Tuesday, September 11, 2018 - 9:00 am
Learning to Linger Email Ride Ride. 19miles @ 8 mph

Charley Sproule (L), Bob Little, Dick Norford, George Haverstraw, George Haverstraw (S).

Accuweather predicted a cloudy day Tuesday and they were on target.  The rain held off and we enjoyed the only day this week which is likely to be rain free for most of the day.  We rode the trail sections of the Harrisburg Greenbelt from the parking lot across from the five senses garden west to the river section of the trail and then rode north to the end of the Green Street extension and back.  We looped City Island on the north bound route and stopped there for a water and snack break.  This was the first club ride for Bob Little.  We enjoyed his company and expect to see him on some future trail rides.  Dick  Norford informed us that a section of the river front trail between Emerald and Shamokin streets was closed due to  underground pipe replacement work.  So on our trip north we used city streets, primarily 4th.  On the return trip we used the front street bike lane for the area where the trail is closed.  After the ride Bob and Charley had lunch at the City Line Diner.