Saturday, September 15, 2018 - 8:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 80miles @ 13.4 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Dave Kurth, Mike Loe, Howard Davison, Tom Pheasant, Jeff Imbrognio, Chris Ditlow, Keith Douglas, Michel Lefevre

Three of us met at Joe Carr with peaks of sunshine smiling through the clouds, yes, I said sunshine - Oh the joys of dry roads!  We headed out toward the Latimore Valley area and picked up five more riders at Latimore Township Park.  The day was ours and it was nice to get out of Cumberland Valley and do something different.  We stopped in East Berlin at Rutter’s for a break and then continued on along corn lined peaceful back roads with good scenery.  Everything was very green and day felt like fall was here, now nice.  We made our way to Hunterstown where we stopped at the Gettysburg Travel Plaza for our second break.  The place was booming!  I had no idea it was so popular.  During the ride back the sun came out full force occasionally to remind us summer was not over yet.  Good thing the clouds were still rolling by because that sun sure kicked up the heat and humidity!  Back at Latimore Township Park we dropped off the five second start riders and took off again.  The bridge was closed on Milford Green Rd. but we were able to cross over it.  Due to the lack of cars on this road the grasshoppers were having a party!  They were everywhere and jumping all around and on us.  As we climbed Ridge Rd., I think Dave, Howard and I were starting to get a bit tired.  The gradual climb seemed much longer than on past rides so the descent on Poplar Rd. was much welcomed.  We stopped one last time at the Dillsburg Rutter’s and then dropped Dave off along Williams Grove Rd. as we turned to head toward Park Pl.  Mike turned right on Rt. 174 as Howard and I turned left to finish up.  The day was pleasant and the company was good which made the WSW ride great!