Wednesday, October 17, 2018 - 9:30 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 33miles @ 13 mph

Mike Loomis (L), Susan Tussey, Peter Vitins, Ray Stone, Bill & Patty Baughman, Jim Bucket, Dave Miller, Howard Davidson, Scott S., John Landis, Chris Ditlow, Maryann Pruden, Bill Pickering (S).

Twas a crisp, sunny Wednesday with little wind when we departed Fort Hunter. Joining us for her first Silver Spokes ride was Maryann Pruden. She has ridden other HBC rides and did quite well. We all stayed together on the way out Fishing Creek and experienced no difficulties. The sun felt good and the wind was behaving itself.. There can be no doubt though, fall is here. The cars and trucks were polite, actually waiting to pass us at a safe distance. Thank you! We took a right onto Manada Gap after a brief historical note of interest from Chris D. who pointed out a marker which showed where the AT crossed Fishing Creek at one time. On we pedaled across Manada Gap until we made a left turn onto Jonestown Road and then left on Spring Road and headed back east to the Manada Golf course for rest and snack. About ten minutes later we headed back to Fort Hunter- the wind was now starting to misbehave but it wasn't too bad. When we got back to Fort Hunter some of us went to Front Street Diner, ate and called it a day. Thanks for coming out Spokesters!