Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 8:30 am
Saturday Morning C+ Ride. 36.77miles @ 14.1 mph

Robert Martin (L), Paul Piergallini, Ed Hall

What a day.  We departed the park just after 8:30.  The weather was nearly 10 degrees warmer than forecast Tuesday.  With colder and more blustery conditions forecast for tomorrow, there was the realization of the good choice to ride this day.  At the start the road was wet from the very light rain earlier.  As one rider had a tight timeline for the ride, we cut out the reverse Potato Valley loop, reducing the ride distance by a little over three miles.  However, we ran up and over Kittatinny Ridge at Piketown to get to Fishing Creek Valley Road rather than the relatively flat route through the Manada Gap.  That got us warmed up.  The rest stop was at Fort Hunter from that point Paul needed to get back and indicated that we was going to ride rt. 39 back.  Ed and I cut through Wildwood Lake to get to Crooked Valley road and followed the planned route back.  We returned to the East Hanover Park via Sandbeach Road just after 11:30 with 2h 35 minutes of ride time.  I dub this a good post-riding season ride.