Saturday, October 20, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 22.3miles @ 9.9 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Diane Riley (co-leader), Mary Beth Yandrasitz, Dan Wiest, Diane Kripas, Joanna Stoms , Rick Radwanski (S).

Here is Diane Riley's ride report for 20 Oct 2018

Six riders met for the Saturday Morning D Plus Ride on the Northwest Lancaster County River Trail, planning to ride from Koser Park, Bainbridge, PA to Columbia, PA and back. It was a crisp morning, but there were no complaints, and I was particularly appreciative of everyone coming out and in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. 

It was the first time on this trail for Dan Wiest and I knew he would really enjoy the ride.  The route is paved with beautiful views of the river while riding through wooded areas and corn fields, with just enough twist and turns in the path to make it interesting.  About 5 miles into the ride, one of our riders had a flat rear tire. With a bit of a group effort, we located the small staple embedded through the tire, removed it, and replaced the tube and tire. Heading off again, we took the trail to Columbia, PA , where we stopped at the Information Center for a break, snack and the beautiful views of the river. A friendly biker took a picture of our group, which should be included below. There was just enough color in the trees to remind us that fall is here.  Another week or so and the trees will be in full color. Hopefully, we'll do this route again before winter.   
We rode back to Bainbridge and passed through the town of Marietta.  I do suggest if you have time, get off trail and bike through the town.  It has charming architecture and plenty of places to stop and eat……Pubs to Pizza.   We are known for being an “eating club with a biking disorder”.   It is worth the time. 
After our return to Koser Park, we had chocolate milk and Panera pink ribbon bagels.  A huge thank you to everyone who rode today… see you all again soon. 
Refer to the below link for route details. 
Diane Riley