Saturday, November 03, 2018 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning D+ Ride. 20.2miles @ 11.3 mph

Richard Radwanski (L), Dave Serff, Jeff Via

Three riders showed for our Saturday Morning D Plus Ride at East Hanover Township Park. The morning skies cleared nicely by ride start time, though the 25 mph wind gusts had us all wearing cooler weather gear. We were hoping to view some fall foliage coloring during our ride. The heavy overnight winds and rain seemed to have stripped some trees of many of their leaves. The mountains and countryside still displayed beautiful fall coloring and we weren't disappointed.

We enjoyed a trip through Shellsville and Grantville areas before taking a short mid-ride break at the Middle Road Lot at Memorial Lake State Park. There wasn't much activity occurring at the lake, probably due to the weather. While there we again met up with Zena, the sunglass wearing search and rescue canine, with her handler. They were both going through their training routine.  Zena's picture from a previous ride is attached below.

After our break, we headed west from the park along Rt443 and managed to run into the 25mph headwind gusts we had forgot about on the eastbound portion of our ride. A run up Bow Creek Road, then around the Holiday Inn had us climbing the hillier portions of our morning route and, as any biker knows, into the headwind. There must be some law of physics(?) that doubles the wind velocity when a biker is riding up hill.

We made our way back to East Hanover Township Park and all agreed that, even with the wind, it was a very enjoyable morning ride. Refer to the below ride link for route details.