Sunday, November 04, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 31.4miles @ 13.4 mph

Marisol Barrios-Moyer (L), Gary Rank, Chris Ditlow, Lorna Showers, Maggie Emery, Chris Seier, Justin Schetromph, Cindy Gorski, Dave Kurth, Mark Dolheimer (S).

Nine riders showed up to catch what is probably some of the last nice fall riding weather! The original planned route was 26.77 miles but a gremlin in my garmin kept misdirecting me. It just wanted to go back to the beginning of the ride. After about 1.5 miles of being misdirected, I decided to bring the group back to the start to see if it would pick up the correct route. This actually was very fortuitous Lorna, who turned out to be very cold, maybe too cold to have finished the ride. She was able to borrow a jacket from Gary who happened to have one in his car. The gremlins finally ejected from the garmin, we set off on the actual route. First we wandered across Trindle, past Pleasant View Park, across Hodgestown Road and circled back over to Woods Drive. Chris S. broke off as he was not feeling well and we continued along down Texaco Road. The first 12 miles were a pretty flat warmup and then we started climbing. First a little on N Locust Point Road, then on the hills of Lisburn to Shughart, then E Springville and followed Forge Road into the heart of Boiling Springs where we finally took a break. The way home was more direct on Leidigh to Lutztown then Baish. Cindy G. turned for home around this point. We turned on S Locust Point to pick up Epply and followed that back to Williams Grove and the HS. Dave K. left us at Epply and Fisher to ride home. All-in-all a nice route. I had not ridden it before, only just having mapped it out on Friday.