Sunday, November 04, 2018 - 1:00 pm
First Sunday Greenbelt Ride. 18miles @ 10 mph

Cynthia Hogeman (L), Chris Wright, Karen Wagner, Jeff Via, Rebessa Bausinger, Richard Green, Betsy Taliaferro, Carol Bulger, Paul Pergallini, Bob Reynolds, Diane Kripas, Jeff Via (S).

What a gorgeous day for a bike ride!  We were all looking forward to seeing the improvements along the way.  We did see many intersection improvements.  Some of the flashing lights were functioning.  Some were not functioning.  Some drivers of vehicles were rude, honked and nearly ran us over despite the blinking lights. Some drivers politely stopped to let us cross.  It was a mixed bag.  The paving had not been finished yet, so we had to detour a bit in a few places.  But, it was obvious that many improvements were nearly complete.  How exciting.  Something to look forward to for next month’s ride.

Of course,  a weekend Greenbelt ride would not be complete without running into hundreds of walkers on Front St walking for a good cause.  Today, it was a walk for Diabetes.  So, we found a way around the throng.  Everyone walking looked so glad to be outdoors, just like we were. 

All in all, it was a great afternoon.  See you all next month to try out the new paved areas.