Sunday, November 04, 2018 - 7:15 am
Owen's Sunday Sociable Ride. 10miles @ 9.5 mph

Richard Norford (L), Jeff Via Nancy Sherer Mary Beth Yandrasitz George Haverstraw Jack "Super Sweep" Withers Ross Willard C F Wong Bob Ambrose, Jack Withers (S).

What a beautiful day in the neighborhood, well maybe for some a bit cold 36 deg at start.

9 hardy early risers departed City Island after a warm up loop to check out the newly paved sections of the Greenbelt.  Oops, while scraped and covered in 2A Modified stone they were not yet paved.  The new safety precautions and roadwork is nearing completion however.  After an adventurous ride on the trail to Derry Street we turned left and headed for breakfast.  Ross encountered a rear tire flat.  For many a challenge since it was a bolt on axle.  He quickly caught up with the group after a repai  We met the less hardy crowd at Roxy's only to be informed the "Lot Closed" signs at City Island were not just a suggestion.  So many of us headed back to move our vehicles.  My reward for being one of those was a big bite taken out of my toast in my absence !! I know where you live.  PBAH.    As always Super Sweep Jack did his  job to perfection.

It was a beautiful day in the 'hood.close to 50 when some of us headed to Fort Hunter.