Thursday, November 08, 2018 - 1:30 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 26.25miles @ 13.5 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), Al Brulo, Lori Brulo, Mike Loomis, Pam Plummer, Mark

On a very nice November afternoon 6 riders headed out of Boyd's.   We took a brief clothing adjustment break at Sleep Hollow and then headed out to the golf course.   On the way, Pam hit the rough patch in the small depression on Golf and generated enough force to launch her metal water bottle, but she quickly recovered it from the roadside.   Al and I believe that the patch is rougher than ever.   We took a brief break at the golf course and enjoyed the nice afternoon.   During our break, Mark thought he saw Robert Martin headed east on 443 and called out but got no response.   Turns out Mark most likely did see Robert; since this evening Robert e-mailed me that he was indeed riding out in the area at the time.   We chatted a bit about the Premier Bike club trip to VA in July apparently it is very nice.  After our break we headed back to Boyds enjoying the mid-afternoon sunshine.   I thought our ride speed would have been a bit higher than the 13.5 mph that Ride with GPS reported - but I we were right in the middle of the proposed ride speed so all was good.

Everyone did a great job and I appreciate everyone coming out to join me.