Sunday, December 02, 2018 - 1:00 pm
First Sunday Greenbelt Ride. 21miles @ 10.5 mph

Cynthia Hogeman (L), Bob McKee, Jeff Via, Dick Norford, Karen Wagner, Dave Powell, Donie Kartorie, Susan Tussey, Jeff Via 90%, Dick Norford 10% (S).

We were hoping for warm weather this afternoon but were sorely disappointed.  It started out cold and damp and finished up feeling even colder than when we started.  At least we had no wind!  The Susquehanna looked eerily beautiful with the layer of fog nearly thick enough to obscure the West Shore.  Despite the weather we had an enthusiastic group unanimously deciding to extend our ride to include a side trip to Ft Hunter.  

We had only a few minor mechanical delays. At the Farm Show Jeff’s new electronic horn sent him an error message so he had to turn off and reboot his bike.  Jeff and Dick caught up with the group at Wildwood.  After turning off 6th St, Donie discovered she had a flat.  Jeff was quite the speedy mechanic and changed her tube but not without the verbal assistance of the peanut gallery.  Apparently Donie had picked up a sharp piece of metal along the way which we flicked into the grass out of harms way.  After crossing the railroad tracks we discovered a biker walking his bike.  His handlebars needed to be tightened and he was unable to ride and steer his bike.  HBC to the rescue......Dave Powell’s tool with Dick Norford’s elbow grease saved the day.  The biker expressed his gratitude since he needed his bike to ride into the City on Monday.

We all enjoyed the newly paved sections of the Greenbelt as well as the blinking caution lights at the intersections.  The traffic even stopped for us to cross at Front St!  Despite the cold, fog, slick leaves, gravel and puddles we managed to get back to our cars intact having enjoyed another Sunday afternoon outdoors on our bikes.