Sunday, December 02, 2018 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 33.4miles @ 13.1 mph

Mark Dolheimer (L), Cindy Gorski, Dave Kurth, Maggie Emery, Howard Davison, Marilyn Chastek

This first Sunday in December did not meet the weather forecaster rosy predictions but was still a relatively balmy 51 degrees at the start and a third of this group opted to wear shorts. Roads were mostly dry and full clouds thinned a bit but there was no sunshine and the temperature dropped with a foggy mist returning near the end of the ride. We headed to Dillsburg and Marilyn broke off from Junction Rd as she had originally planned and we were glad she joined us.  After a short stop at Rutter's, we headed to Boiling Springs. Cindy and Howard broke off from Old Stonehouse Rd, having extra miles in already. Maggie was off ahead on Konhaus Rd and took an unplanned left and opted to continue toward home when Dave and I called out to her before taking Clouser Rd to Brindle Rd. We were glad to get this ride in on a mostly wet weekend, a familiar theme this year.