Saturday, December 08, 2018 - 11:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 31miles @ 13 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Maggie Emery, Keith Spangler, Tom Henry, Howard Davison, Emory Ehrenfeld

The forecast called for cold conditions with temperatures in the low 30’s with feel like temperatures in the 20’s for our 11 AM start.  Six of us met at Joe Carr regardless.  Keith, Maggie and Tom rode in getting extra miles.  Keith had on one pair of wool socks and his sandals!  His toes were warm though because he had them duct taped along with the finger portion of his gloves to give that extra wind protection factor.  We headed out north toward Wertzville Rd. and turned onto Millers Gap Rd.  Keith suggested climbing Miller’s Gap but his description of a wall didn’t inspire confidence or the desire to try it today.  Instead we turned onto Sample Bridge Rd. and followed that 5 miles to the pike.  It was quiet, beautiful and serene.  We cut through Walmart and made our way to Willow Mill Park Rd. and then stopped at the Turkey Hill for a quick break.  It was somewhat hot standing in front of the store in the full sun.  As we made our way back Tom broke off at Trindle Rd. to head home and the rest of us continued on to Joe Carr with Keith breaking off on Rt. 174.  I am so glad I got out and rode, the day was just wonderful.  There should be a cycling forecast.  Today the cycling forecast was temperatures in the low 30’s with cycling feel like temperatures in the 40’s – 50’s.  Created body heat along with the sunny skies made it quite nice to ride today and provided another excellent WSW ride!