Tuesday, January 01, 2019 - 11:00 am
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 26miles @ 12.2 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Ellen & Jim Thomas, Mark Dolheimer, Howard Davison, Mark Riordan, Mike Loe, Erin Baker-Funk, Mike Funk, Dave Kurth, Maggie Emery

Another year over and a new one begins as we gathered to start the New Year in motion.  While we were waiting for all to get there another large bike group came roaring by with Erin and Mike sweeping.  Erin and Mike just didn’t have the speed to stay with the group (group of Harley Davison motorcycles) as they trailed behind and then turned into the parking lot to join us.  Last year we had dangerously frigid temperatures.  This year our challenge was the forecasted 20+ mph winds!  As I passed out the traditional large jingle bell to attach to the bikes, Dave came over on his ultra light bike with the tiniest jingle bell attached to his rear bag – you needed a magnifying glass to really see it (he did not want to add any extra weight).   Our start time temperature was a pleasant 52 degrees and the wind wasn’t bad at all.  We took off and as we cycled our bells rang out their announcement that the New Year is here and we are still on our bikes and riding strong.  After an easy 15 mile warm up we began the 3 mile climb up White Rock.  This isn’t a horrible climb but the grade does get quite steep for the last half mile.   Once on top the riders were greeted by Dave Gorski and the WSW Gorilla mascot.  First up was Mike Funk, followed by Mike Loe and then Maggie.  We waited for everyone to make it to the top but Jim was taking a long time.  We figured he must be walking rather than riding and indeed he was but not because of the grade.  His rear derailleur snapped off as he was making the last turn!   Luckily Dave was there to drive him back to his car but Jim missed the rewarding descent.   The lucky rum cakes were passed around and Mark Riordan received the lucky golden dollar!  We toasted in the New Year with sparkling cider and wishes of health and safe riding.  We enjoyed the descent and turned onto Creek Rd.   Mark D. developed derailleur problems also – he could not shift into his large chain ring – I hope this is not an omen.  Four riders were ahead of the group and turned the wrong way on Rt. 74 breaking off from the rest of us – we figured they decided to head home, but when we arrived at Joe Carr Howard who had driven in was not there.  It wasn’t long before the rest of them arrived, minus Mike Loe who was probably off getting those extra New Year miles in.   It was a great way to start the year – with a WSW ride.  HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!