Saturday, January 12, 2019 - 9:00 am
Saturday Morning Social Ride. 28miles @ 11.5 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Lori Brulo, Cristina Truica, Jeff Via, Bob Reynolds, Lauri Atherholt,, Chris Wright (S).

Ride Name:          Piketown to Pine

Start Location:      East Hanover Community Park

Climb:                   2,150 ft. (Seems like about 5,000 ft. too much, gotta check that GPS)

Weather At Start:  19 degrees, mostly sunny, calm

On a cold January morning, 7 riders showed up to get their biking fix.  Lori and I were pleasantly surprised at the strong turnout for such a cold morning.  The big “but” was that there was no wind.  Most of us agreed that we would rather ride in those cold temperatures with no wind than temperatures in the 40s with strong winds.

We were also pleasantly surprised when Lauri pulled into the parking because she has missed quite a few months.  And, it seems too long since we’ve seen Cristina.

We headed NW to Ritzie Village where we encountered a large white dog chained up in his front yard.  As we passed him, he disappeared and unpleasantly surprised us when he showed up on the other side of a car parked in the driveway as he was bolting too close to us until he was stopped by his chain.  Unlike some of us married guys, his leash was pretty long.

Then, we climbed up Sleepy Hollow Road to the top at Piketown.  Bob pointed out a tree carving of a towering bigfoot staring at us.  Then, Jeff reminded us about the headless horseman who rides Sleepy Hollow at midnight, but thankfully not at 10:00 AM.  Needless to say, no one stopped on the climb up Sleepy Hollow.  The photo was taken once everyone safely arrived at the top of the mountain in Piketown where we took a brief break.  During our break, Bob told us the true story of a black slave that killed himself with poison as he was about to be captured.  The West Hanover Historical Society constructed a kiosk to honor the slave near the top of the mountain.  We’ll need to visit it during one of our future rides.  By the way, I’m sure you noticed that Bob is not in the attached official HBC photo.  Instead, look for the clown in the other photo.

Then, we did the 10 miles descent to Pine Road along the Swatara Creek.  No sight of the eagles yet but they should start tending to their nest shortly.  Bob, our tour director, told us that the same pair of eagles have successfully reared eaglets (??) 5 years straight.  Recently, one of the youngsters attempted to come back only to be told in no uncertain terms that this is no longer his territory.

Unfortunately, we had a second encounter with a dog.  Well, the we is more like Bob.  As we were passing a barn, a black dog appeared out of nowhere baring his teeth within 2 inches of Bob’s juicy right ankle.  Fortunately, the dog then backed off after a few loud “NOs” and then his owner called him.  Too close for comfort.

Oh, and what’s a ride with Lori without a flat tire?  No flats, just a dropped chain at mile 18 which was apparently caused by a broken shifter cable.  Fortunately, this happened less than ½ mile from her Mother’s house.  Lori walked her bike there as the ride continued.

Thanks to Chris for once again doing a great job sweeping and especially for reminding me to pick up Lori after we returned to the parking lot.


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