Sunday, February 10, 2019 - 12:00 pm
West Shore Weekend Email Ride Ride. 38miles @ 12.5 mph

Cynthia Gorski (L), Mike Loe, Dave Kurth, Mark Dolheimer, Keith Spangler, Lou Searles

Six of us gathered to celebrate the Chinese New Year.  Before we began Chinese zodiac fortunes were given to all the riders.  The Chinese zodiac consists of twelve different animals.  On todays ride we had two pigs (Cindy and Mark), a sheep (Dave), a dog (Keith), a snake (Mike),) and a rooster (Lou).  2019 is the year of Brown Earth Pig which is connected to running water and wet soil mixing together, sometimes creating mud.  Therefore the route took us along the Yellow Breeches, Letort Spring Run, Conodoguinet Creek, and Alexander Spring Creek, as we viewed wet farmlands and muddy terrain.  We had a small detour around the bridge closure on Lerew Rd. and viewed some of the Carlisle Ice Fest ice sculptures as we rode down Pomfret Rd. in Carlisle.  We made our way to Sheetz for a break, and everyone received a fortune cookie.   After we read the wisdom in each cookie we took off again.   We followed the bike path through Valley Meadows Park to Walnut Bottom Rd. and went over to the path through Thornwald Park.  The beginning of it was compacted gravel and hoping it would soon turn to a paved path we ventured on.  Very soon we discovered that it was turning into a Muddy Earth Pig so we turned around, that is all but Keith.  We continued on Walnut Bottom and entered the park across from College St. where we met up with Keith coming in the opposite direction.  Keith and Mike broke off near Giant to head home and the rest of us continued on to Joe Carr.  It seemed like a long ride for a cold winter day but we were happy to out and together on a WSW ride because with this crazy weather we have no idea when we will be riding again.