Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 1:30 pm
Mech HS C Ride. 24.5miles @ 12.5 mph

David Powell (L), Scott Barber, Jerry Burkett, Marilyn Chastek

The weather prediction of partly sunny and low 50's never materialized.  It was overcast and 40 degrees at the start.  At least the winds were minimal.  I have cancelled numerous rides this winter and wanted to get this ride in.  We departed Mechanicsburg HS and rode over to behind Cumberland Valley HS.  Then took Ridge to Bernheisel & Country Club.  Then on another Ridge to Biddle & Kost & Konhaus & Brindle & Eppley back to the HS.  The snow cover and lack of sunshine never allowed the temperatures to rise out of the low 40's.  Regardless, we had a good ride and it was good to finally get out.  Scott & Jerry had not ridden with us before and did very well and seemed to enjoy the ride.