Sunday, March 10, 2019 - 1:30 pm
West Shore Flex Ride. 25.5miles @ 12 mph

Ken Frohnert (L), Chris Ditlow, Ed Maff

YES I goal achieved!!   We made it to Little Buffalo State Park from Wagner Community Park with reasonable climbs.   My objective was to string roads that I had ridden on different rides with a few stretches of road I had not ridden to make a link.   What this means is we can now start at Wagner Community Park outside Duncannon and ride out through New Bloomfield and to Little Buffalo State Park which means all the Little Buffalo ride routes can be accessed from Wagner Community Park.  On pretty much rural roads save a 1/2 mile stretch of 34.  But what this does is - today's ride was 25 miles so if we added a 26 mile route from our Little Buffalo route bag we have a 50 miles of rural low traffic riding with reasonable climbs.  We have much longer and short routes available out of Little Buffalo SP. 

We also have my routes towards Duncannon out of Wagner Community Park that I have used for prior club rides.  And I plan to find some additional routes on the other side of Rt. 34 this season.  

Ride Perry County!!!!   (Hey has anyone seen Mr. Wonderful?  I heard he has some rewarmed WV/Perry County jokes ready!)

Anyway, I was very glad to see Chris and Ed (whom I have not ridden with before) at Wagner Community Park - I really would not have been surprised if it was just me.   The 3 of us headed out toward New Bloomfield on taking Royer Road (which is a lovely road for cycling the equal of Fishing Creek any day) out towards New Bloomfield.   Chris and I chatted about the closed military academy wondering what would happen to the property.   We then caught Cold Storage and took that to Little Buffalo - a bit of a climb out but nothing to challenging.   We then headed out a old B4B road and I wanted to turn left to come back to the park but I was not positive that was correct so reluctantly we turned around and backtracked a mile or so ... turns out a left turn would have been fine.   We cruised by the lake at the park hung a right and went down past the mill and had a bit of a climb out.   Of course my old bike thru a chain on the hill due to poor shift planning by me - so I had to fix that and ride down the hill and turn around and ride to the top.   Ed and Chris waited for me for a couple of minutes.   Then it was a quick ride back to Wagner Park.   No speed record today.

Yeah we never saw 50 degrees but we got out and I achieved my stated goal for this ride.   All in all a good ride day!

Nice meeting you Ed hope you can ride with us again!