Tuesday, March 12, 2019 - 1:00 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 30miles @ 12.8 mph

Howard Ross (L), Felix Thau, Scott Silverstine, Susan Tussey, Howard Davison, Bob Reynolds

On a beautiful afternoon, a perfect six pack left from Gold's Gym and meandered out to Bow Creek and back, stopping at the Holiday Inn on Station Road for a rest room and water break (although I did see a few Cliff bar wrappers going into the trash). We rode a few roads that we do not usually ride, making the day even more enjoyable. (to see the route, attached is the map)

The weather is showing that cycling season is here and I expect both the east and west shore flex rides to be busy until club rides really start on April 1st.  As the late Lady Bird Johnson used to say, "ENJOY, ENJOY".