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Date: Saturday, October 14, 2017 8:45 am - 8:45 am
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Learning to Linger "Barner's Church 25-Mile Route".

Barner's Church 27-Mile Route

This is an easy-paced ride, 10/11 mph average pace with no one left behind following the original hard copy 25-mile route passed out years back.  Expect hills ... 1643 ft. of elevation climb altogether and the last one back to the church is a doozy but of course 'we've never seen a hill we could not walk".

Start Time:  08:45am ... ride will begin at 9:00am

Location:  5 Barner's Church Rd., Liverpool ... about 40 miles North of Harrisburg off Rt. 15.

Lunch after ... this is the "Apple Butter Boil" event ... chicken corn soup, corn-on-the cob, apple butter sundaes.

Weather could be a factor but you can always skip the bike ride and just enjoy the good food and buy a jar of Apple Butter.

HBC normally has a bunch of participants and informal rides for this ride and there will no doubt be other rides going out at the same time at a faster pace and for the 50 mile route too. Other routes are available ... 12 miles and 50 miles and hard copy directions and maps available if you get there early.  Note that there are no road markings or SAG support for any of the rides and some roads may lack signs so it's best to go with someone familiar with the area unless you're really adventurous.

Drop me a line if you plan to join me for the 9am start!

See HBC articles on the for more information about the history of this event.

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A: 19+ mph
B+: 17-19
B: 15-17
C+: 13-15
C: 11-13
D+: 9-11
D: 8-10


Please note that these are average speeds. If you are new to club rides and aren't sure what pace you can maintain, be conservative with your first ride! Direct all questions, cancellations or updates to  the contact shown on the ride event, or Jeff Hoch at


Helmets are required on HBC rides.  A trained Ride leader is obligated to collect waiver signatures prior to the ride to be an HBC Sanctioned Ride.

Show and Go Rides are NOT HBC Sanctioned.



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