Following is a list of things to bring as you plan for your trip: (acknowledgements to Marilyn Chastek who compiled this list originally for the Finger Lakes trip):

  • Your bike - If you plan on visiting attractions while cycling, touring bikes and shoes you can walk in work out the best.  Some of the rides in the Cue Sheets use the Colonial Parkway to get to Yorktown and Jamestown.  The Parkway surface is a concrete aggregate.  I have found that a touring or hybrid bike tire is more comfortable on this surface.
  • Helmet
  • Spare tube, tire pump and necessary bike repair kits and tools.
  • A rack and pannier on your bike is helpful in carrying any wine you might pick up from the Williamsburg Winery, or for a place to carry extra jackets/clothing if the weather is cool.
  • Snacks
  • Swim suit & beach towel if desired. There is a heated indoor pool at the hotel.
  • Bike clothing as appropriate.  The average high in late October in Williamsburg is in the upper 60's and avg low is mid 40's.  I would advise you to check the weather forecast for the Williamsburg area before you leave and bring what you think you'll need.