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As you may know, recently the HBC Operations Committee released a member survey in order to gather input to help us assess and improve our member communications.   A total of 118 members completed the survey and we thank you for your input!  

There were 11 questions which covered the HBC Website, the HBC Facebook Page and the President's Quick Reference Guide.  The complete results of the survey can be found here.

The primary conclusion that can be drawn is that while in general, our communications are effective, we do have room for improvement.  Overall, 72% of the respondents felt that their communciations needs were being met, either always or usually.   Roughly 10% of the respondents specifically mentioned a desire to bring back a newsletter, at least in an electronic-only form.  As you may know, historically it has been challenging to sustain a newsletter primarily due to a lack of people willing to assume the newsletter editor position.  

Read more to see more specifics on the suggestions/comments and our plans. 


Following are some specific suggestions/comments related to the website, along with our plan to address:

  1. Issue:  Navigation problems. Seems quite a few people find things hard to find. The Submit Ride Report was brought up several times, but in general people are finding the menus frustrating to navigate. Plan:  This is something we had recognized as in need of improvement earlier.  We will soon be implementing a "ribbon" of icons on the website home page with direct links to the most commonly accessed pages.
  2. Issue: Board meeting minutes are not posted in a timely manner and are not easy to find on the website.  Plan:  We will be creating Board Meeting Minute Summaries which will be easier to read and can be posted within a couple weeks after the board meetings.  A direct link to these meeting minutes will be provided through one of the "ribbon" icons mentioned above.
  3. Issue:  Member Directory is difficult to use.  Plan:  We will add more sort and search features to the directory, and link it to a ribbon icon.
  4. Issue:  A couple suggestions to make the Ride Logs more visible so members can see the logs posted by others.  Plan:  We will add a module on the front page showing recent ride logs.  Members will have the option to exclude themselves if they desire.
  5. Issue:  Suggestions to surface the upcoming Rides/Events on the home page. Plan:  We will add modules on the front page showing upcoming HBC rides and events. 

It is anticipated that these changes will be made over the next couple months.  

Again, the HBC Operations Committee sincerely thanks you for your input!  


Rick Nevins

HBC Operations Committee


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We are a recreational cycling club devoted to encourage and promote the riding of bicycles; safely, enjoyably, at all skill levels and on all forms of bikes.

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Our club is made up of a diverse group of ordinary people who have found that bicycling is a great way to stay fit, make friends and have fun all at the same time! We have over 800 members from all walks of life but bonded by a common love of cycling.

Most of our rides are NOT competitive but rather recreational and social. We offer a wide range of ride distances and speeds, for everyone from someone just starting out to those that ride thousands of miles a year.

Riding in groups with other like-minded people helps to encourage you to ride longer and get more fit. Our members are also a great resource to help you learn how to ride safely and with the equipment that best fits your goals.

By becoming a member, you also are able to gain access to member's only services such as e-mail distribution lists for ride announcements, discounts at local bicycle shops and access to multi-day ride events.

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Must I be an HBC member to ride on the HBC rides?

To participate in HBC sponsored Regular and E-mail distribution list rides you must be a member, however non-members are welcome to join us on a trial basis (one or more rides, depending on the frequency). If you are new to riding, we recommend starting with one of the "Social" rides on Saturday or Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Following are the typical paces associated with our ride classifications:

A (Competitive) 20+ mph
B+ (Training) - 17-19 mph
B (Fast) - 15-17 mph
C+ (Experienced) - 13-15 mph
C (Casual) - 11-13 mph
D (Social) - 8-10 mph