As an HBC Club Member, you have access to a number of club features that the general public cannot access.  Following is a brief description.  After you log into the website with your Username and Password, a new series of menus will appear on the left side of this page and on the top menu.  You can explore these features further by clicking on these links.

E-Mail Distribution Lists

The Harrisburg Bicycle Club e-mail distribution lists are a great way to communicate ad-hoc or short notice ride events.  They also provide a way for ride leaders or coordinators to share information about planned routes or ride cancellations.  You can self-subscribe to any of the lists through check-boxes on the email lists tab of your Profile page (after you log into the website). 

Discussion Forum

The HBC Discussion Forum provides a way for members to connect with each other on topics of interest, including Bike Maintenance, Special Rides, Safety, Advocacy and Incident Reports.  The forum is available for anyone to view but you must log on and be a member to contribute.

Ride Logs System

The Ride Logs system provides a way for you to keep a diary of all your rides, and allows you to track your milage by week, month and even year over year.  You can elect to keep your ride logs private to only yourself, or permit other club members (but not the general public) to see your logs.   You can log as little information as just the date and mileage or you can also include more detailed information such as the average speed, ride leader, ride description and more.  You can even establish a list of your "gear" and record up to three items of gear with every log.  Finally, you can also export your ride log to an Excel spreadsheet at any time from the RideLogs screen.

Ride Scheduling System

The Ride Leader Scheduling System provides a way for Ride Coordinators to list rides on the calendar and for ride leaders to Signup to lead rides.  This is integrated with the website calendar so that the calendar is automatically updated when the rides are added to the calendar or leaders signup.  There are two special roles defined.  The "Ride Coordinators" have the ability to list rides on the Ride Calendar, to signup someone up to lead a ride and to change the description of the ride for which they are the coordinator.  The "Ride Captain" can do all that the Ride Coordinator can do and also has the ability to establish new rides and assign Ride Coordinators to rides.  Other members only have access to the "Leader Signup" screen which provides a one-click way to signup to lead a ride.  If a leader must cancel a ride at the last minute due to the weather, there is also a one-click "Cancel" feature which will send an email out to the email distribution list associated with that particular ride to inform everyone.

Volunteer System

The Volunteer System helps the club manage the wealth of volunteer opportunities by providing an on-line "Signup Sheet" for members to volunteer with club events.  This is most used for the annual Three Creek Century.  Beyond that, this system supports the feature we call "Biker Buck$", which enables members to get credit for volunteering and leading rides which can then be applied towards membership, special events or club merchandise.  By submitting a Ride Report, leaders will automatically be credited with Biker Buck$.  Otherwise, if you volunteer for an event, for example Registration for the Three Creek Century, then you must go to the Deposit Biker Buck$ screen to deposit your buck$.

Cue Sheets

As a member you will have access to the extensive list of cue sheets that have been developed over many years of cycling the central PA area.  Also included are cue sheets used on the Finger Lakes Trip.

Other Member's Only Links 

Other member's only benefits include access to the member directory, on-line access to the most current Spokesman Issue and the ability to subscribe to the various email distribution lists that are associated with the different rides that the club sponsors.