Sunday, December 02, 2018 - 1:30 pm
East Shore Flex Ride. 30miles @ 13.5 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Mark Holmgren, Chris Wright, Chris Ditlow, Todd Schankweiler, Linda Randby, Lori Brulo

Ride Name:            Clarks Valley

Start Location:        3B Ice Cream

Climb:                     1,580 ft.

Weather At Start:   46 degrees, overcast, light east wind

Weather at Finish:  46 degrees, overcast, light east wind

Never trust a skinny chef?  Well, never trust a weatherman predicting clearing skies and warming temperatures when the wind is still blowing from the east.  It was supposed to become sunny and then warm up to the low 60’s this afternoon but, you guessed it, the east wind kept the cool and damp conditions locked in for our entire 30 mile ride that began at 1:30 PM.

In spite of the weather, a six pack plus one braved the cool and damp conditions and put in a good bike ride.  Chris Ditlow’s road bike was in the “shop” so he broke out his mountain bike which he hadn’t ridden in years.  Amazingly, he kept up with the road-bikers for all 30 miles.  We were all impressed. 

Also, Linda joined us for the first time in quite a while.  She was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to do 13 mph.  But, she was the first biker back to the parking lot beating Todd who sprinted in vain to catch her.  Well, actually, she felt sorry for Todd and waited for him at the only stop sign on the ride which was 100 yds from the parking lot.  Then, believe it or not, Todd didn’t wait for her and he sprinted right to the parking lot.  Don’t worry Linda, we saw it all!

Even though we had no official sweep, both Mark and Chris Wright alternated picking up the rear.


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