Monday, December 03, 2018 - 10:00 am
East Shore Flex Ride. 36miles @ 12.3 mph

Howard Ross (L), Rebecca Bausinger

It really is not too late in the season to ride....

That said, Rebecca was the only one to show up for today's lunch ride to Hershey.  Everyone else missed a good one.

We departed Gold's via Linglestown onto Blue Ridge and out to Jonestown Road.  We took Sand Beach to Boathouse, riding through the Hershey lights display and into Hershey, where we had lunch at the Creperie.  We rode back by way of Hershey Road, Green Hill, Clover and Sterling to South Oak Grove, Jonestown, Blue Ridge and Linglestown.

Congratulations to Rebecca for her first East Shore Flex ride and her longest ride of the year. 

The weather was great and the ride was possibly the last of the 45 plus degree rides until spring.