Wednesday, December 05, 2018 - 12:30 pm
East Shore Tuesday Ride. 32miles @ 13.5 mph

Albert T Brulo (L), Howard Davison, Howard Ross, Ken Frohnert, Lori Brulo, Jim Buckheit (S).

Ride Name:          Loop From Koons Park To Manada Gap To Fort Hunter

Start Location:      Koons Park

Climb:                   1,700 ft.

Weather At Start:  34 degrees, partly sunny, light WNW wind

It was 6:45 AM with 14.7 degrees on our thermometer today when we got the email from Dick that he cancelled the 10:00 AM Silver Spokes ride.  So, with light winds and a high of 35 degrees forecasted, we took advantage of the flexible East Shore Flex ride to quickly schedule a 12:30 PM ride during the warmer (it’s relative, you know) afternoon.

Our six-pack of experienced bikers headed out to the East Hanover Township Park, to Manada Gap and then took Route 443 to Fort Hunter and then Linglestown Road back to Koons Park.  This was one of those no issues ride that we all like.  Just a good time to squeeze in a ride before the winds kick back up again. 

Both Jim and Howard provided great information on the upcoming major road improvements coming to the area for the I-83 and Route 39 corridors and how they and the biking community are helping guide PENNDOT to include much needed biking improvements.  Their efforts and those of the rest of the biking community are making a positive difference in the planning and design.

Thanks to Jim for doing a great job sweeping.


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