Wednesday, March 13, 2019 - 10:00 am
Silver Spokes Email Ride Ride. 26.5miles @ 10.8 mph

Howard Ross (L), Howard Davison, Susan Tussey, Jack Withers, Lori Brulo, Al Brulo, Bill Pickering, Chris Ditlow, Jeff Inbrognio, Daren Nibbelink, Jeff Via (S).

A little cooler than predicted at start, but it warmed up to be very nice day.

We left from Koons Park in Linglestown, meandering out to Bow Creek, but did not stop for our break until we circled Penn National race track.  We then took a break at the Holiday Inn before proceeding back to Koons Park via Sherks Church and Jonestown Road, then onto Manada Bottom, Moyer, Piketown and Pheasant, 

Garmin Connect showed the route at 659 feet of climb when it was designed.  NEVER believe Garmin Connect! We did 1320 feet of climb! 

We then went to Kimlee Vietnamese Restaurant for lunch.  A few riders had never eaten Vietnamese food, so it was not only new, it was a hit for everyone!  Mike Loomis, who was late getting to the start and rode out seeking us but never found us, joined for lunch.  And who was waiting at the restaurant when we arrived, none other than Dick Norford, but he did not join us for lunch.

Thanks to Jeff Via for serving as sweep.