Fellow cyclists,

The riding season is now in full swing and there are many cyclists out on the roads.  It is up to ALL of us to keeps our roads safe.  One way of doing this is to be courteous to others using the roads and to follow the vehicular laws.  Unfortunately not all cyclists obey the laws or are even aware of them.  When we violate the vehicular laws we not only put our own safety in jeopardy but also the safety of all cyclists.   Motor vehicle drivers, pedestrians and anyone who witness cyclist’s violating these laws begin to look down on every cyclist and believe all cyclists are dangerous and should be off the road. 

Please be aware that:

  • You must stop for all red traffic lights and stop signs.
  • When a traffic light will not detect your bike and change to green you may treat the signal as malfunctioning.  You must wait for a complete cycle of the signal through all legs of the intersection. If you still believe that the signal will not detect you, treat the red signal as astop sign.
  • Never ride two abreast on a hilly or winding road.
  • Do not pass another cyclist when there is a car coming from behind.

Police officers are out in force making sure that cyclists obey these laws.  There have already been two reported incidents where HBC members have been stopped. 

Please take the time to read the Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver’s Manual.