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Information on EMAIL Ride Distribution Lists

Published on 3/8/2019


Our club is blessed to have a variety of rides for our members.  Along with our regular rides and special events we have email rides.  What exactly is an email ride?   These are rides in which the leaders have flexibility in start time, start location, pace and distance.  Those wishing to receive notifications about these rides must sign-up for the email distribution lists connected to those rides.   Simply go into your HBC profile by selecting My Account on the home page.  Click onto Update My Information and then select Email Lists.  Here you can select the lists you wish to receive notifications from.  The Email Rides are not generally published on the ride calendar so you must sign up to receive the notifications. 

These lists are intended to be used ONLY for the announcement and information of the particular ride they are associated with.   We have asked all ride leaders to only post ride announcements on the email list they are associated, and not to use other email lists to” invite” those not signed up.   Therefore make sure to sign up for ALL lists you wish to receive notifications for.

Below are the Email Rides you must sign up for to get notifications.  You can sign-up or remove your name as often as you like.

1. Learn to Linger: These rides are for those interested in a more leisurely pace and are scheduled in an ad-hoc fashion.  The pace runs D to D plus ( 8-12 mph), with distances 8 – 25 miles.  Check the notice for leader name, exact pace and distance.

2. Silver Spokes: The Silver Spokes are a group of bicyclists who ride on Wednesdays. All are members of Harrisburg Bicycle Club and most  are retired, hence a ride scheduled during the day. They schedule rides of 25 to 45 miles most of the year, and keep the pace to 12-14 mph. In keeping with HBC tradition, they often have lunch together after the rides

3. West Shore Weekends: These rides are scheduled on the West Shore and have an average pace of around 12-15 mph.  They are usually around 50 to 100 miles and stress the Joy of Riding verses training, how high can we climb and how fast can we go. They feature multiple starting points when possible, for various mileages on the same ride.  They run year round with lower mileages in the colder months.  They aren’t necessarily every week, but instead scheduled when someone has the time to plan and lead a ride.   There are occasional rides at remote starts. Cindy Gorski is the coordinator.  Rides usually start from Joe Carr Field which is located next to the Monroe Township Building located at 1220 Boiling Springs Road, Mechanicsburg, PA 17055.  

4. Saturday Morning Rides:  The Saturday Morning Social C and the Saturday Morning C+ rides are now going to be e-mail rides.  Larry Riley is now the coordinator for the Saturday Morning Social C and Deb Barisch will coordinate the Saturday Morning C+ ride.  Thanks goes to Bill Engle for his many years as coordinator of these Saturday Morning rides which leave from the Grantville Restaurant.  

5. Carlisle Area C Rides:   The Carlisle Area C rides will normally ride on  most (but not all) Thursdays at 6 PM, leaving from the Carlisle Commons Regal Theater parking lot off Noble Blvd in Carlisle.   They may also ride occasionally on Tuesdays. The goal of these rides are to get cyclists who are unaccustomed to group riding comfortable riding in a group.   The pace is a casual C (10 – 13 mph) with distances generally 15 – 30 miles.  Stops are every 10 - 15 miles, more if necessary.  No one will be dropped. 

6.  Friday Night Social:   The Friday Night Socials are held throughout the core cycling system as scheduled.  NOTE:  they are not held every Friday, depending 7pon availability of Ride Leaders.  Join this email distribution list and check the website to receive the most up-to-date information.  When held, these are typically casual, relatively short (10-15 mile) rides followed by dinner at a restaurant in the area (location varies).

7.  EZ-C: An EZ-C ride is available for the novice, veteran or someone who just doesn't want to ride fast or extreme distances. Ride will typically take place Saturday Mornings at 9 AM. Notification of scheduled rides is through e-mail and cancellations are by 8 AM the morning of the ride. Veteran ride leaders will lead the rides and assist in group riding and any breakdowns. Breaks will be frequent and as necessary with no one left behind. You need to go to the HBC Website and sign-up for the EZ-C to receive notifications or cancellations of the ride.

8.  Mary's Meanderings D Ride: Saturday or Sunday "ad hoc" social rides (not EVERY week) in which we carpool/caravan to a trail/route outside the immediate metropolitan Harrisburg area or have weekend camping/biking adventures. Travel to venues will range from 45 minutes to 3 hours away.

9. Family Rides: These rides will be geared toward families looking for a safe environment for riding, such as trails and quiet residential streets. Location, times, ride distance and pace can vary.  

10. Saturday Morning D+ Ride: These social rides are D Plus (9-11 mph) and typically approximately 15-20 miles in distance. Rides usually leave from the Grantville area, though other east shore start locations are occasionally used. These rides are available for riders who don't want fast speeds or long distances. Breaks are frequent and no one gets left behind.

11. East Shore Flex: These social rides are email rides that allow the ride leader to select speed, distance, terrain and starting point.  Subscribe to this list to receive an email for an upcoming ride.  Who knows maybe the next upcoming ride will be exactly what you have been looking for from the club!

12. Mount Holly Springs Ride (  These rides are scheduled to start and end in Mount Holly Springs and have an average pace of around 15-17 mph.  C+ riders wanting to try B class rides are welcome.  They will be 25-50+ miles with an elevation gain around 1000 feet for each 25 miles, follow most of the Three Creek Century Ride Courses, and are not for the hard core trainers.  They may feature multiple starting points to maximize participation and overall mileage for the rider.  There will be 4 rides per week; Tuesday Hills (evening at 5pm), Wednesday Easy (evening at 5pm), Thursday Moderate (evening at 5pm), and Sunday (morning 8am) being the longest ride.  They will be weekly until the Three Creek Century Ride in September and then taper off depending on ride leader availability and temperature; with no rides in the dark or subfreezing temps.  Andrew Dapkins is the coordinator.  Rides start at Trine Memorial Park, next to Mt. Holly Spring United Methodist, and located at 300 West Pine Street, Mount Holly Springs, PA 17065.

13.  NEW! West Shore Flex (  These are email rides that can be any speed, terrain or distance as described by the leader and can begin from any West Shore start point on the day and time of the leaders choice. Anyone on the email list approved by the West Shore Flex Coordinators can lead and send out a ride notice.