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AAA Membership has Bicycle Benefits

Published on 3/15/2019

Did you know?

AAA Central Penn's 24-Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance program includes members' bicycles.  Most people are familiar with AAA's Roadside Assistance program: when a member's automobile doesn't start, breaks down, or otherwise becomes inoperable, AAA will arrive on-scene to tow the automobile to a repair facility or the owner's home.

Now, similar coverage applies to bicycles.  AAA will send a light-duty service vehicle - equipped with a bicycle rack - to take you and your bike to a repair facility or your house. This Bicycle Service works like any other roadside call and is available to all members, anywhere in the AAA Central Penn territory.  There is no sign-up or enrollment. Members can use any of their allotted yearly service calls for bicycle roadside assistance.

Simply call 
(1-800-222-4357 / 1-800-AAA-HELP).   (Not all AAA club territories offer bicycle assistance. Currently, most of Southeastern PA, NJ, DE, and Eastern MD offer support.)

Program Benefits:

  • There is no additional charge to Plus or Premier Members for bicycle coverage.
  • Any roadside assistance calls can be used for bicycles.
  • The bicycle towing mileage is the same as vehicle towing mileage - 5 miles for Classic, 100 miles for Plus, and one 200-mile tow for a Premier household.

Coverage & Restrictions:

  • Member must be present at the time of disablement and have a valid AAA Central Penn card.
  • Bicycle Service is provided only along a normally-traveled road or street.
  • Cover all AAA Members.
  • Service is provided for the rider whose bicycle is disabled.
  • Service is limited to transporting a bicycle (back home, to bike repair shop, etc.) due to breakdown disablement.
  • Service applies to only standard two-wheeled bicycles. (Tandem, Electric, Trike, Recumbent, and other non-standard bicycles are excluded from coverage.)
  • Mechanical repairs are not included, including bicycle lock service.