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HBC Member Expectations - UPDATED

Published on 6/10/2019

An update on HBC Club Rides

In 2018 we introduced a set of HBC Member Expectations, which included a section on Club ride etiquette.  Now that our 2019 riding season is in full swing we are able to consider feedback we have received on HBC rides and provide a few reminders for both Ride Leaders and riders.


        For Ride Leaders:

The average speed of your ride is the TYPICAL CRUISING SPEED ON        FLAT GROUND.

  • Ride pace continues to be our biggest challenge, and the concerns we hear are nearly all about rides that have exceeded the announced pace.  With the exception of the Flex rides, each ride has a stated pace and should be led to be within that pace.
  • Ride Leaders need to actively manage the pace of the ride so it comes in at the announced pace.  That includes backing down the pace if the ride is proceeding too quickly.
  • Leading a ride that finishes in excess of the announced pace because “nobody complained” is not an excuse.  Slower riders may be struggling to keep up and therefore unable to complain, or they may not feel like creating an adversarial situation by complaining.  It is the Ride Leader’s responsibility to manage the pace to the announced speed, regardless of whether complaints or feedback are presented.
  • Bringing in a ride over the announced pace and falsifying the Ride Report with a lower pace is not an acceptable practice.  Besides the basic dishonesty of that approach, it gives other HBC members a false understanding of the ride and could cause them to join a future ride that they cannot keep up with.
  • If Ride Leaders find that some riders are continually pushing the pace too fast, they should remain in control of the ride at the appropriate pace and let those out front know that they are on their own ride.


    For Riders:

    Choose a ride within your capabilities and do not push the pace by riding faster and ahead of the leader. 

    Single up when traffic is behind you and when stopping.


  • Understand that if you are pushing the pace to the point that the ride will come in over the announced limit, you are putting your Ride Leader in a position that requires them to act.  As stated above, they should manage the ride to the correct pace and you will be left on your own separate from the official ride.
  • Please follow HBC safety protocols when riding in traffic.  Our Member Expectations state that riding two abreast is permitted when in clear space but that when you are in traffic you are expected to get in single file.  In addition, PA law states that cyclists are not permitted to impede traffic.  A good way to remember this is that when you hear “car back” that is a command (not just a suggestion) to get single file.
  • Do your Ride Leader a favor and stay behind them whenever possible.  We understand that there will be times when riders will drift pass the Ride Leader or get to the bottom or top of a hill first.  That is fine, but let’s remember to get back behind the Ride Leader as soon as reasonable.
  • Please do not engage in the very dangerous practice of riding just a few feet ahead of the Ride Leader.  During a ride the Ride Leaders are constantly checking their cue sheets, looking at electronics, checking their mirror to see how the pack is doing, and figuring out route modifications as needed.  They do not have the ability to worry about a rider directly in front of them, especially if they are checking their information and have to react quickly.  Stay behind your Ride Leader please!
  • When stopping for a break or for traffic please pull fully off the road and remain in single file.  Bunching up increases the risk of a traffic incident or a bike collision.

Thank you for riding safely and adhering to the ride etiquette protocols in our Member Expectations.   Let’s have a great riding season!