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Wrap up on 2020 Bicycle Maintenance Clinic

Published on 2/26/2020

The 2020 HBC Bicycle Maintenance Clinic was held Jan 11, 18, and 25th. It was very well attended. We had 34 attendees and 4 instructors week #1, 15 attendees and 3 instructors for week #2, and the largest attendance ever for week #3 with 37 attendees and 6 instructors. John Donoughe conducted his tire changing and tube repair class each week, with week #1 having the largest group. Other topics covered each week in small groups or as one-on-one guidance with instructors were bicycle cleaning, chain cleaning-inspection-maintenance-lubrication, brake inspection-adjustment-replacement-function, gear shift inspection and adjustment, seat adjustment and minor bike fit, as well as other random topics I am not aware of. The instructors and me are hopeful all the attendees got to work on all the issue, concerns, and questions they had about the bicycles.

I know that was a challenge during week #1 and #3 due the fantastic attendance those weeks. All considered, from the comments I heard, everyone had a good time and learned a lot about the workings of their bicycles. I want to thank the instructors whom all volunteered their time each week.

The instructors were John Donoughe, Gary Smith, Bill Slabonik, Ross Willard, Ted Witfield, and David 

Special Thank You to: #1 Pedal Pusher Bicycle Shop and Ted Witfield for provide professional knowledge and expertise each week of the Clinic. #2 Recycle Bicycle for providing the use of five of their bicycle repair stands for the Clinic. #3 Lemoyne Borough Office for the Clinic facility.

Respectfully, David 
Young HBC Bicycle Clinic Coordinator