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COVID-19 and the Harrisburg Bicycle Club

Published on 3/14/2020

Covid-19 Virus and HBC

This is an official HBC message concerning HBC and the Covid-19 virus.  

HBC Ride and Ride Leader Training for March 18th has been canceled.  Decisions to cancel any other upcoming HBC events will be made on a week by week basis.  

The widespread cancellation of many activities naturally raises the question of whether we should continue HBC group rides.  First, let’s acknowledge that each of us it ultimately responsible for our own safety, and therefore the decision to ride or not ride is yours to make.  
As of March 13, we have seen no guidance from any governing body to cancel group bike riding.  In the United States, it appears that the only group riding events that are being cancelled are those that are large in size and/or have riders in close proximity to each other.   Among other bike clubs, we have seen no cancellations of group rides from the bike clubs in Lancaster, Central Bucks, Philadelphia, or with the Premier bike club in Pittsburgh.  At the same time, there have been several messages from qualified professionals that getting outside on your bike is a welcome and even recommended step for both your physical and mental well-being during this situation.  

With those factors considered, HBC is choosing to continue our group riding schedule at this point.  In order to minimize risk, are implementing the following interim measures for all HBC rides : 

• If you are experiencing any signs of contamination or illness, such as high fever, coughing, or shortness of breath, we encourage you to stay home.  Show respect for your fellow club members by not exposing them to pathogens, and take good care of yourself at home.  

• We encourage you to greet your fellow riders warmly but suggest you bypass shaking hands or participating in any unwanted touching. Each of us has our own level of comfort at this time.  

• It’s always a good idea to keep your food and drink to yourself, unless you’re sharing with your significant other.
• Try to keep your bodily fluids to yourself.  If you need to spit, blow out a snot rocket, or just weep openly at the sight of another hill, please do it away from others.  As always, sneezing into your sleeve is better than sneezing on the person next to you or behind you.

Additional guidance for Ride Leaders (and relevant to all riders)

• Ride Leaders, must personally sign in all riders on their ride so we are not passing around a sign-in sheet or booklet.  

• Keep your groups small and manageable.  The CDC recommends limiting the size of groups even when outside, maintaining 6 feet of separation between individuals.  Keep that in mind when you are riding two-by-two or gathering for a break.  If there are more than 8 riders on the ride, it is probably a good idea to break into two groups with a hundred feet of separation.
• Be mindful of where you start & finish rides.  The best options are those that provide plenty of outdoor parking in a wide-open space.  

• We have been notified by the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources that Memorial Lake is closed to HBC rides through the end of April.  We believe we are still allowed to stop there for a break and use the restroom. 

Please be aware that the situation is very fluid and additional updates are likely.  Thank you in advance for your cooperation and consideration during this time.