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HBC Enhancing Activity in Carlisle

Larry P Wasser | Published on 11/20/2021

HBC Enhancing Presence in Carlisle


Meeting Summary from November 18, 2021


Sue Casto - Meeting Facilitator / Project Lead


  • The meeting was held at the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation Conference Room.
  • Twenty-one members joined the meeting in person, and five members joined via Zoom.
  • 26 members for the first discussion is fantastic!
  • The group discussed the implementation of the following projects for 2022:
    • Short Term Projects:
      • HBC Bike Maintenance Clinic - February 2022
      • Ride Leader Training Clinic - March 2022
      • HBC March Membership Meeting to be held in Carlisle - March 9th, 2022
      • The UMED Gym Winter Training Program starts Wednesday evening, January 12th, 2022, for 4 weeks.
    • Long Term Projects
      • New Member Orientation Clinics
      • How to Ride in a Group Training Sessions
      • **Carlisle Evening Rides - Planning Committee
      • HBC Participation in local events, festivals, and community activities


Next steps? Committee meetings start in December to bring these events to fruition in 2022!


Thanks again for caring about our community and our members!


If you were not able to attend this meeting and would like to volunteer for any of the committees listed above, please feel free to contact me.


Have a Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving holiday!


Sue Casto  Cell - 717-891-6348