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Special Announcement - Chocolate Tour

Larry P Wasser | Published on 6/30/2022

The CHOCOLATE TOUR supports cancer research, and through this support, some significant scientific discoveries have been made in skin cancer research over the last year.  Melanoma is the most deadly form of skin cancer and because we are out on bikes in the sun, skin cancer is a particular concern to cyclists.  Below is a link to a recent news release from Penn State regarding a discovery made with partial support from Chocolate Tour research funding.  This discovery identified a novel drug combination to activate natural killer cells in the immune system to manage cancer (the link to the scientific article is in the press release). 

Please consider registering today for the CHOCOLATE TOUR

Chocolate Tour Registration

( to support cancer research or use one stop registration to sign up for all three TRIFECTA events ( 

To Register for the TRIFECTA click the button below


Registering for the TRIFECTA will save you $5 and you will get a free draw-string backpack, to be claimed at the last event in the series.

Information on Cancer Research

PS Cancer Research