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Three Creek Century Wrap up

Larry P Wasser | Published on 9/22/2022

The 20th anniversary of the Three Creek Century was a huge success! Over 500 riders enjoyed a beautiful day riding, sharing each others’ company, and eating a delicious and healthy lunch afterwards. For some it was the third leg of our local Trifecta having ridden the Lancaster and Hershey rides prior to ours. The prize, the award for all probably was turning off Pine Road back onto the Penn Township Volunteer Fire Department grounds having met their goal. Good job everyone!

We had riders ready to go at 7:00 a.m. excitedly going through the streamlined registration process, registering for the Kuat bike rack give away, and purchasing a  T shirt from the tutu sisters! Some were ready to go with their electronic navigation devices and took off while others chose from the available courses assisted by our map greeters, took the appropriate cue sheet and headed out! By ten o’clock many were on their way.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Dave and his crew of volunteers were busy getting ready to feed them. Waiting for the hungry riders were soups, tacos, sandwiches, fruit, and, of course, cookies. As that was shaping up our SAG crew was busy patrolling the routes making sure everyone was having a successful ride and our rest stop people were taking care of riders who stopped to have a snack and catch their breath. Tired parking volunteers were finally getting a chance to sit down or squeeze in a quick ride. Some of them arrived at 6 a.m. to start directing traffic. There were dozens of volunteers involved in making sure everyone had a good experience which they did. Several people thanked us personally and described having a best day ever. Our Committee Coordinators met throughout the year sharing ideas and getting ready for the big day. Job well done everyone!

Special thanks go to Sun Motor Cars for sponsoring the event and bringing some beautiful cars along for attendees to examine. Their team captain confirmed that  some appointments had been made for later in the week at their show room. Phoenix Physical Therapy handed out goodie backs and were willing to discuss individual needs and possible therapy. Recycle Bicycle was ready to go early in the morning and stayed until World Cup showed up to help people who were having difficulties. Thanks also to Members 1st Bank for sponsoring a rest stop. Trifecta riders were rewarded for their efforts through the generosity of Shollenberger Januzzi & Wolfe, LLP. Thanks also to The Hershey Company, Quality Bicycle Products, and Wegmans. We also received additional bike repair help from Pedal Pusher, again, at Shippensburg and REI at Trine Park. Welcome to REI and we hope to see you again next year. How reassuring for a rider to know to a rider to know that help is available!

As I headed home there were still a few people packing up and cleaning the area returning the grounds to the condition we found them to be in. Thank you Penn Township Volunteer Fire Department and their point person, Cindy Wissler.

So many HBC people helped to make this a successful 20th Anniversary of the Three Creek Century. Coordinators who worked together are: Diana Bermingham, Sue Casto, Marilyn Chastek, Howard Ross, Howard Davison, Ken Frohnert, Lou Searles, Dave & Lois Young, Chris Wright, Amanda Harrison, Jill Bradley, and Diane Dankman-Riley. Special thanks to our tech gurus Larry Wasser and Mark Riordan.

So let’s see….looks like the tentative date for the 2023 Three Creek Century is September 17th. See you there! Mike Loomis

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