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Texaco Road Clean up Report

Larry P Wasser | Published on 11/11/2022
November 5 and 70 degree weather expected for today, what a great day for fall cleanup! We started off with 4 people for a hearty meal at Diener’s. At 9:00, we had a total of 8 volunteers, 4 first timers to cleanup. Mary Beth Yasandritz got an early start and had half Texaco Road cleaned up before the other 7 arrived.

After 18 years of cleaning up Texaco Road we picked up 87 cans, 58 plastic bottles and 1 large bag of trash. When will we learn to throw our trash in a can, not out the car window?

Thank you to our participants: Robin Rawdon, Susan Sleighter, Mary Beth Yasandritz, Edith Eckerle, Susan Tussey, Grace House, Tim and Cindy Hoehn.