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Silent Auction for Vintage Peugot 60 cm Bike

Larry P Wasser | Published on 11/15/2022
Vintage (1972) Peugeot Bike Size 60 cm (measured from center of bottom bracket to top of the seat tube) 

The bike is in fair to good shape.  The frame is showing some signs of rust on the edges of the lugged frame.  All brakes and gears appears to be working, but clearly need to be inspected.   A good overall would be needed to all bearings and tubes and tires replaced, OR clean it up and make it some excellent wall art. 

Click the link below to go a our website survey and place your bid.  You can bid multiple times, the survey bid and name will only be seen by club officers which will not be participating in the bidding 

Bidding will close on November 30, 2022.    Winner will be announced on December 1st.   Payment will be arranged with the winner, and then pick up of the bike will be arranged.   All proceeds go to the club's Janet Pontius Equipment Safety Fund

Note: does not include pedals

Peugeot Bike 60 cm Auction Bid

1972 Peugot 60cm bike