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2023 Maintenance Clinic

Larry P Wasser | Published on 1/22/2023

The Annual HBC Maintenance clinic took place Jan 14, 21, and 28, 2023 at the Lemoyne Borough Building. We had good turnouts for each week.

Week 1 had 28 people pre-registered, with 21 people attending.
Week 2 had 27 people pre-registered, with 14 attending.
Week 3 had 33 pre-registered, with 22 attending.

Three local bicycle shops helped as instructors to help teach and show how to perform minor repairs and regular maintenance that should be performed on our bicycles. The bike shop instructors were:

Eric from Holmes Bike Shop
Tony from REI Co-Op store / Bike Shop
Ted from Pedal Pusher Bike Shop

A big thank you to those guys. We also had HBC members that served and Instructors. They were.

Gary Smith
Bill Slabonik
Ross Willard
John Donoughe
David Young

John Donoughe provided the tire changing and tube repair sessions each week, which is a topic we highly recommend to all riders if they have not performed this task or need a refresher. A list of bicycle topics covered during the three days of the clinic is very long, so in short, we covered just about any or all normal maintenance issues that come up during a riding season.

I want to thank all of the attendees for coming to the clinics. I also want to thank the instructors for their time and expertise during the clinic. It is greatly appreciated. We will do it again Jan 2023.

Pictures can be found by clicking below

2023 Maintenance Clinic